Super Sweet Dresses and Details – A Kon

Posted on July 11, 2011 by


A Kon – Dallas – 2011

While the super-sweet Lolita look is not one that I would ever see myself doing, (just because it’s not me – I feel almost as if I’m trying to get away with a blatant lie when I wear styles that don’t really go with my personality) as I look at these pictures, I’m somewhat saddened that more people don’t do this look “IRL”. I wish there was more stylization in the world around me – more people presenting thier daily appearance as almost an art piece, an expression.

Its sort of an internal irony to me.. I hate the over plastering of garments with labels, I hate the over ostentatious -ness of people who think they can make up for anything they lack by covering over it with enhancements of appearance. But when I see outfits like these, or scroll through the Tokyo street fashion sites, and I see people who have made their total look an individual statement, I would not say that that was frivolity anymore than I would say that the time spent on a painting or a novel was frivolity. Perhaps in places where it is common, it smacks of showiness and not individuality.. but to me, creating such a distinct look has a value of expression that sets it above the  normal conceit of concern for appearance.

The devil is in the details – or God is. Depends on who you ask.