Big Glasses, Spectacle Necklace – at Gay Pride

Posted on September 20, 2011 by


2011 – Gay Pride Parade – Uptown, Dallas

Although its not a specifically a nerd event, while at the Gay Pride Parade in Dallas, I decided to keep an eye out for geeky aesthetic. I thought it would be somewhat of a challenge to find anything that was pertinent to the “nerd fashion” theme, but I was wrong. Happily, I saw plenty of geek influence, and at least a few out and proud nerds. 😉 I even managed to photograph a few of them. Gay Pride in Dallas is a very big event- its atmosphere is sort of a cross between a St. Patty’s Day parade, a costume party, and a gay dance club. Many people go all out on outfits and costumes. I’m convinced that A Kon and Gay Pride combined account for at least 80% of the wig sales in Dallas in any given year.

But our first feature from the parade is not one of the outlandishly or scantily clad revelers.  I stopped this girl because of her cute big glasses, and the little necklace that mirrored them. As it turns out, she’s a web-girl too – she has a blog on Tumblr at where she shares quotes and photos that suit her aesthetic.