Plastic Fashion at Vinyl Thoughts – All Toy Show

Posted on September 20, 2011 by


Quixotic World – Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX

The hair! The necklace! The big blue eyes!

It doesn’t really get any geekier than vinyl toys. Unless its custom, handmade vinyl toys. Vinyl Thoughts is an art show that includes nothing but custom vinyl toys.. its also a shopping experience, as almost every piece is for sale.. and they also provided free Vitamin Water and vodka drinks. I came a little unprepared, and failed to truly capture the level of fashion present, but I did grab a few inspiration photos. That is, if your the kind of person who looks at a plastic toy and says “Hey.. I could do my hair like that!” I am that kind of person.



Artist Halo with her creations.. and her trademark pink hair.


Pink, green, and headbands.


The future is a major trend right now.


Incidently, there were a number of girls with this hairstyle.

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