Clearance alert – Mario t-shirts at Walmart

Posted on December 3, 2011 by





As I’ve said before, I like to spread the idea that nerd fashion goes beyond the t-shirt… but I still like the t-shirt from time to time. And while Walmart is nearly synonymous with dubious “fashion”, I still like it as a cheap fashion source if you’re willing to be selective. It is harder to find something good at Walmart than Target.. but when you find something good from Target, fashion people will come up to you and say things like “that skirt is great! I know what that is! That’s TargĂ©!” But if you do find something good from Walmart, fashion people can never call it, because they haven’t looked there.

But I digress. We are not talking about a surprisingly well made sweater here, we are talking about Super Mario t-shirts, and Walmart can handle making a t-shirt. And they are on clearance for five bucks.

(Spring Creek Walmart in Plano TX is where I saw them.)