I’ve been a bad blogger + a friend contributes photos from Spain

Posted on December 27, 2011 by


I have been really bad about keeping up the blog for the past few months, mainly because of personal obligations/circumstances. In the past, I’ve had a tendency to start projects, and then once I’ve become derailed on them, I am never able to pick them back up. Part of it, I suppose, is the shame/embarrassment that I got derailed in the first place. By returning to the scene of the abandonment of the project, I have to admit that I walked out on it.

When I started this, I was determined that I would keep at it, that I would prove to myself that I can keep up with something out of love of the subject matter and bringing it to anyone else out there who might love it… and I would do it without a certain type of encouragement/advantage/reinforcement that I’ve used as a starting point in the past. The starting point I speak of, that I am not using, is a subject for another blog.


What I’d like to say here is that I admit I wasn’t able to keep up with what I promised myself I would do, and I’m sorry, both to myself and to the approximately five or so people who ever read this blog.. and I am determined to come out of this slump and carry on properly.  In fact, I’m going to queue up some posts for the future right now.


For now, here are a few photos to fulfill my promise of eye candy every day.

Only a few of my friends know about this blog, as I have intentionally kept it mostly to myself. But, with the few friends who do know about it are getting to the point where they often tell me of places I should photohunt, or they even take photos for me. Here is a set that one friend (who wanted to remain unnamed) snapped for me while she was in Spain.


Leia and Chewbacca billboard near La Sagrada Familia

Nintendo controller shirt at an H&M..

We keep discussing how nerdy glasses have become sexy, and we keep sending each other photos of examples of the trend. These mannequins are a pretty literal example. Nerdy has become so sexy that books are needed to help sell lingerie. This is somewhere in Barcelona, she could not recall exactly where.

Now this is just.. weird. I’m not sure how to caption it, but feel I must include it.