Nerdy Wedding Decorations with Julie

Posted on January 6, 2012 by


My friend Julie is a nerd. So she married a nerd. So they had a nerdy wedding.

I’ve definitely seen nerdy or geeky wedding themes done before, but not quite like this. Julie also has a very decided and refined sense of style – she owns jeans, but I’ve seen no evidence that she ever wears them, and she’s got a jewelry collection that blows my mind and makes me kind of jealous. So of course, her nerdy wedding decor was also very classic. Each table at the reception focused on a science (as in “The Biology Table”, “The Chemistry Table”) and was decorated with artifacts appropriate to that science. The wedding decorations also turned out to have a bit more replay value than flower arrangements. The former center pieces now line the walls of their flat, which is where I photographed them.

“Its the only time I’ll really get to force my sense of style on others” – Julie on weddings, with a sly smile.