Lies of Omission: What Kotaku Didn’t Tell You About Star Wars Fashion Plates

Posted on March 21, 2012 by


This is one of those posts where I post the same thing that every major gaming and nerd blog out there has already covered on a slow news day. Most of the geek world first heard of John Woo’s He Wears It series when Kotaku plugged his slightly odd mix of fashion illustration and geek helmets. Kotaku is after all the definitive source of randomness for many gamers. But, as the overly dramatic title suggests, they left out a significant detail that will change the way you think about this art.

(Look at these pictures while the suspense kills you.)


Actually, there is no deep dark secret behind these paintings. They aren’t done on the embossed skins of children or endangered animals. There are a few things that Kotaku didn’t mention though. (A.) The series isnt all Star Wars; there’s a Catwoman, a Joker, an Edward Scissorhands and various other characters. And (B.), perhaps most importantly, you can actually buy the prints for a fairly reasonable price on Woo’s Etsy site. I’m a bit incredulous that Kotaku didn’t link to this – it would seem like the least you can do to say thanks to the person who enhanced your random clicks for the day. I’m sure there was a reason for not linking the site… but I’m linking it anyway. And again:

Oh, and also.. (C.) there’s a Jar Jar Binks.