Blue Retro Mario Print Cocktail Dress at Vinyl Thoughts: The Next Level

Posted on March 22, 2012 by


This is one of the most unique and well done outfits I saw at Vinyl Thoughts, and in fact, its one of the coolest fashion uses of a video game theme I’ve ever seen. The print is dramatically Mario, but the cut and construction of the dress stands on its own. If it did not have a Mario print, it would still be a flattering and fashionable dress – it might possibly be from a vintage pattern? But it does have the print, which makes it.. basically exactly the kind of fashion I was hoping to find when I envisioned this blog.

When I stopped her for her photo, she did not have much time to talk, and so I do not know who made the dress. I did ask her if she had a blog or site she’d like me to link to – she said just Vinyl Thoughts. (And also on Facebook.)