Vinyl Thoughts 2 – This Just In: No Need to Lose the Glasses to Find a Man

Posted on May 23, 2012 by


When I was a young kid, dorks in movies like “She’s All That” had to lose their glasses and all other stylistic elements suited to a life of introversion in order for everyone else to realize how hot they were. I also have a friend whose relatives still tell her that if she loses the glasses she’ll probably find a boyfriend. Fortunately for kids these days, glasses and the bookworm look fall into the accepted standard of beauty.

Also, I hear that finding a man isn’t nearly as necessary and life-affirming as it once was.

But I digress. The big glasses and simple braided hair really work on her. And the dress is one of those things that I would never see on a rack and be attracted to, yet in this ensemble, on her, I think its just right. She reminds me of a character, but I can’t pinpoint who exactly – Chrono Trigger’s Lucca (and Chrono Cross’ Lucia a little) to a degree I suppose. I feel like I could draw her without changing the outfit at all, and have a compelling character idea sketch. And that is what I feel the purpose of style is – to cast us as characters in our own stories.