Marvel Comics Inspired Jewelry from 1928 (And its Kinda Cheap!)

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If you’ve ever looked around the costume jewelry at a department store, you’ve probably seen 1928 jewelry. As a fashion major, I knew of the brand. But I never expected it to cross my path again, in a geeky way.

1928 now has a Marvel Comics line. The heroes represented are somewhat limited – Thor, Punisher, Spiderman, Wolverine, and Captain America dominate. The jewelry, however, goes beyond the typical licensed let’s-hang-a-logo-on-a-chain fare.


Thor Dangle Earrings

While there are some pieces which incorporate logos, this is jewelry that looks like jewelry. It is decorative aside from having a character that you like on it. Also, I’m happy to note that the majority of the collection is for women. Hopefully this does well, and retailers take notice of the fact that women do want to buy comic merchandise without pink glitter on it.

Punisher Rifle Necklace

    The other great thing about this line is that it is affordable. Most items are between $12-36, in line with the pricing of most of 1928’s regular collection.

Wolverine Claw Necklace


I’ve never been a huge Captain America fan, although The Avengers’ presentation of him has brought me closer to fandom- but I think these chandelier earrings are rather clever. I think someone with no idea who Captain America is could still like them aesthetically, and that to me is comic style done right.

Hopefully with all the buzz this line is generating, 1928 and Marvel will see fit to expand the line – the one oversight I see here is that although most of the pieces are decidedly feminine, none take thier inspiration from female characters. Phoenix seems an obvious choice to me!

Captain America Chandelier Earrings


See the full collection here.

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