In the Conventional Style takes inspiration from http://tokyofashion.com/photos/ and http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/ but takes the camera to geeky, nerdy places. The people whose style is featured on this page watch anime, play table top rpgs, read excessively, can’t put down the controller, argue about the symbolism in scifi, are infatuated with thier electronic gadgets, build their own pcs, collect comics, draw pictures of elves and robots… and occasionally we might snap one of someone who isn’t hardcore into whichever nerd scene you prefer, but they were there that day anyway. And hey, that’s cool too – its just a sign of the growing influence of dorks on mainstream culture.


We can’t be everywhere – if you’d like to submit photos, please email theconventionalstyle@gmail.com. Include the name of the event, the date, and if desired, your name and the name of people in the photos. By submitting photos, you are certifying that you have permission to use them and are granting that permission to In the Conventional Style. Professional photographers must be credited.

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  1. I’ve been trolling my way through the forum of bloggers unite looking for ideas and just being amazed at what is out there. Your blog is unique. You should check out io9 sci-fi site, they often have pictures of fashion at conventions and there is also a site called uncommon goods that might interest you. Also you should try and add some background color to your blog, so many different themes can accommodate that.

    I hope you can delete this message. I might have been out of line. have a grand great day or night.


    • Thanks for commenting! You are definitely not out of line, I’m glad to hear from you. Thanks for the site tips, I lose tons of time to i09. 🙂


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