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Blue Retro Mario Print Cocktail Dress at Vinyl Thoughts: The Next Level

March 22, 2012


This is one of the most unique and well done outfits I saw at Vinyl Thoughts, and in fact, its one of the coolest fashion uses of a video game theme I’ve ever seen. The print is dramatically Mario, but the cut and construction of the dress stands on its own. If it did not […]

Two Little Ghosts Mini Cosplay at Vinyl Thoughts The Next Level

March 21, 2012


Saw these two little ghosts roaming the floor at the Vinyl Thoughts 2: The Next Level show. Interestingly enough, no one was dodging them. Vinyl Thoughts is an art show featuring nothing but custom vinyl toys. This time around, everything had a video game theme. The mother of these lovable villains told me that she […]

Tank Girl Style – Helmet and Sundress, Gay Pride – Dallas

January 9, 2012


There really aren’t enough occasions for wearing helmets.

Batman Shirt, Bandana, and Schnauzer at Gay Pride

December 30, 2011


Here’s another from Dallas Gay Pride. I asked to take her picture, and explained the concept of my nerdy fashion blog. I couldn’t go into much more detail than that, because her friends started laughing and teasing her; “She’s saying your a geek!”  I think I must credit them for the big beautiful smile in […]

Robot Love at Gay Pride

December 28, 2011


Saw this group of friends at Dallas Gay Pride. I’m a big fan of Android, and Android robots, and I can always spot one in a crowd.

Hello Kitty Friends – at Gay Pride

November 26, 2011


Yup.. its a bit late.

Big Glasses, Spectacle Necklace – at Gay Pride

September 20, 2011


2011 – Gay Pride Parade – Uptown, Dallas Although its not a specifically a nerd event, while at the Gay Pride Parade in Dallas, I decided to keep an eye out for geeky aesthetic. I thought it would be somewhat of a challenge to find anything that was pertinent to the “nerd fashion” theme, but […]