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Lies of Omission: What Kotaku Didn’t Tell You About Star Wars Fashion Plates

March 21, 2012 by


This is one of those posts where I post the same thing that every major gaming and nerd blog out there has already covered on a slow news day. Most of the geek world first heard of John Woo’s He Wears It series when Kotaku plugged his slightly odd mix of fashion illustration and geek […]

Shop Snap – JC Penney Gamer Shirt Display

March 8, 2012 by


As seen at JC Penney’s in Frisco, TX- a luxurious display of gamer shirts. I was actually fairly impressed with the range of games they have; generally, when you do see something like this the designs are mostly one game or series, or mostly one theme, like retro gaming. You know what would be really […]

Robot Love at Gay Pride

December 28, 2011 by


Saw this group of friends at Dallas Gay Pride. I’m a big fan of Android, and Android robots, and I can always spot one in a crowd.

Rayden Hat Guy – HardOCP Texas GamExperience

July 20, 2011 by


HardOCP Texas GamExperience 2011 Here’s the first dude in In The Conventional Style – with another distinctive hat.. It’s Rayden Hat Guy! I spotted him playing Plants vs. Zombies on a tiny little computer. I said “You don’t have to change anything, but can I take your picture?” He said “Okay”, and didn’t change a […]